Stemma Guardia di Finanza


The prevention of other economic and financial violations

Bankruptcy, bank and corporate crimes are investigated by the Guardia di Finanza with a repressive approach, aiming at preserving the integrity and transparency of the legal economic system.

In particular, investigations focus on the search and repression of bank and financial abuse that involves persons without any of the necessary authorizations issued by the relevant supervisory authority, thus compromising the protection of savers.

In the same context, the Corps fights usury crime, that criminal confederations commit with the purpose to take control over those economic activities belonging to victims who cannot pay their debts, and against illegal manufacture of coin.

The activities in this field mainly aim at reconstructing the whole chain of counterfeiting, in order to detect the production and distribution centers of banknotes and counterfeit euros or other currency, as well as to identify fraudulent conducts that alter other means of payment (such as reproduced debit or credit cards, also via web).

The Group against Counterfeit Money and other Means of Payment within Guardia di Finanza Special Currency Unit is the main point of reference in this sector and works in close cooperation with the Special Unit for Privacy and Technological Frauds of the Corps.

It shall be stressed that territorial and special units constantly exchange information on counterfeit money, so to put their operational experiences together and make the fight in this sector stronger, bearing in mind that, in most cases, counterfeit money does not affect the place of “production” only.

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