Stemma Guardia di Finanza


The fight against the laundering of illicit proceeds

As far as prevention is concerned, the Corps is committed to analyze financial flows according to the very well-known “follow the money” principle, in order to track back most structured laundering mechanisms of “dirty” money that pollute the economic and legal system and alter free competition on the market.

In this respect, it is extremely important to process suspicious transaction reports sent by obliged entities according to Anti-Money Laundering law, such as financial institutions, legal and accounting professionals, credit mediators, providers of gambling services and cash-in-transit companies.

It is also important to conduct checks with regard to the respect of obligations resulting from the sectoral legislation (customer due diligence, record-keeping, reporting obligations) and to carry out inspection activities to prevent the use of the financial system for illicit purposes, paying attention to negotiations that may conceal new methods to transfer, substitute and use the proceeds of a crime.

Great importance is also attached to exchange controls along the terrestrial borders, ports and airports, as well as to the surveillance of the territory, aimed at detecting the capitals moved abroad through illegal activities or coming from EU or third countries.

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