Stemma Guardia di Finanza


The fight against corruption and, in general, against illegality in the Public Administration is part of the broader institutional commitment to protect public spending, the proper use of which requires correct and transparent procedures.

The operational action of the Units favours the development of investigations aimed at intercepting not only the phenomena of corruption, extortion and/or abuse of office, but also any related hypotheses of tax fraud and money laundering, as well as possible interference by organised crime.

In guaranteeing constant support to the Judicial Authorities in the investigations coordinated by them, the Operative Units avail themselves of the investigative powers which provide, among other things, for the recourse to technical investigations as well as to undercover agents.

Furthermore, the commitment that the Guardia di Finanza attaches to the collaboration with the National Anti-Corruption Authority in the development of the control activities for the protection of transparency and the prevention of corruption is significant.

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