Stemma Guardia di Finanza


The current legal framework assigns to the Guardia di Finanza the contribution to the military security of the country, which puts the Corps in the largest integrated device of the Armed Forces.

It's about tasks concerning, in peacetime, the political and military defense of the borders, involving also a direct link between the Commander General of the Corps and the Chief of Defense Staff.

In this context, the Guardia di Finanza is also given the military and judicial police functions. The contribution to the defense of the country is also provided in case of war and on the occasion of participation in military operations abroad under the functional authority of the Ministry of Defense.

During the years, the Guardia di Finanza has carried out tasks of assistance, advice and local police training in several countries in the world (Kosovo, Afghanistan, Haiti and Libya), both in NATO context, taking part to Peace Support Operations (PSO) and supporting international organizations such as the UN and the OECD, both in peacekeeping operations and international cooperation activities promoted by the same UN or the European Union.

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