Economic control of the territory and public utility service 117

The prevention and contrast of the illicit traffics in several parts of the national territory require a widespread presence in urban areas, along the coast, in customs areas and along the busiest highways.

To this purpose, the Corps is part of a larger system tasked with maintaining public order and security, operating through a cross-control disposal based on carrying out interventions in every field. This system includes instrumental controls, movement of goods, monitoring of alternative payment plans in replace of classical bank systems (money transfer), financial flows supervision, fuel dispenser and gaming activity controls, surveillance on transparent pricing and struggle against counterfeiting and commercial abuses.

To this area belong also the surveillance and patrolling activities performed by the departments, according to the “Permanent disposal for the contrast against illegal trafficking” along highways and road links which are most concerned by international illegal trafficking phenomenon and cross-border movements involving cash, stock and other means of payment.

Another activity is the surveillance carried out thanks to the public utility number “117”, which allows everyone to become an active part in the struggle against the economic and financial illegality, making this way people closer to institutions.

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