Stemma Guardia di Finanza


After 1951, the post-war reconstruction, the economic development, the liberalisation of international exchanges, as well as the beginning of the European integration, affected the Italian tax system and the structure and skills, which came to include the repression of tax evasion.

Legal changes resulted in the modernization of the Corps, that include:

  • from 1952 the statistical office, with a data – processing center (today known as the Informatics service);
  • from 1952 the Dog-Units, also breeding and training anti-smuggling dogs;
  • from the 1st February 1954 Air Service. At first, it was in charge of overseeing the coast against smuggling, later it became also responsible for border surveillance and mountain rescuing.

A few years later, the institutional tasks of the Guardia di Finanza were remanded according to the law n° 189 of 23rd April 1959, that introduced the prevention, investigation and report of tax evasions and violations, surveillance on the political and economic rules, police surveillance at sea, the contribution in maintaining the public order and security, and the political and military defence of the borders.

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